SAN MARCOS, Texas—Lack of financial education can be detrimental to your most important asset—your health. Money management skills are becoming an increasingly essential skill in today’s economic turmoil. Knowing how to manage your finances not only prevents debt, but health issues as well.

Finance-related stress can take a heavy toll on one’s health and mental well being. There is a direct correlation of financial issues and health status. An astonishing 75%-90% of all doctor’s visits are stress-related.

More than 52% of Americans experience anger, irritability, fatigue, and sleeplessness due to fiscal struggles. Financial struggles may lead to stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, high blood pressure, weight gain or loss, stomach problems, ulcers or digestive problems, aches and pains, and other general sickness.

It is now estimated that it costs $15,000 per year per worker for financial stress related illness. Needless to be said, this certainly adds to the frustration of being muddled waist-deep in debt. Medical bills can lead to an avalanche of increasing debt and a negative credit score. Bad health and lack of wealth go hand in hand in a vicious cycle.

“Financial education is the key to avoiding debt and stress-related illnesses. My mission is to teach and coach Americans on how to become financially independent through a book that is right for them,” said Ruben Ruiz, author of The Richest Latino in America and The One-Hour Hispanic Millionaire.


About Ruben Ruiz

Ruben Ruiz is an award-winning author, financial coach, president and CEO of The Ruiz Financial Group, LLC, and W&M Publishing. Ruiz is a member of the Financial Planning Association (FPA) of San Antonio and South Texas and has served in various positions for the organization, including chairman of the Board. Ruiz teaches, educates and provides consulting services to clients and associates in wealth management and financial planning. He has published three books on financial planning & money management, in English and Spanish.


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